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Swiss precision pays off, Estonian experience too: The crews of Monnin and Sepp are this year’s finalists

Langenargen (Match Center Germany/Match Race Germany), 2. Juni 2017. Eric Monnins Albert Riele Swiss Sailing Team went on to dominate the 20th Match Race Germany on day four. Whilst the Swiss, as winners of the qualification round, were set for the semis, the next six best crews of the qualification met in the quarter finals to fight for the remaining three spots in the semis.

With a convincing 3:0 win over Markus Wieser’s Bavarian Express, Austrian Trippolt Sailing Team sailed straight into the semis. But the other German crew, Max Gurgel’s Vmax Yachting, was more successful and kept the fan’s hopes alive by defeating Maxime Mesnil’s Elite Team Match Race 3:1. In the third duel Dejan Presen’s Slovenian Lumba Match Race Team got the better start and quickly went into the lead by 2:0. But it was then Mati Sepp’s Estonian Sailing Team which countered well and excited Thousands of fans with a convincing comeback. The Estonians won three races in a row and secured their spot in the semis. Mati Sepp said with a twinkle in his eyes, „it’s never over till the fat lady things.“

It was then Eric Monnin’s duty and oppotunity to pick his opponent for the semis. „Pick your own poison“ is how they call it in matchracing. The Swiss chose the Germans whilst the remaining two crews, Austrians and Estonians, paired for the second semi final. And what a great matchracing show all four teams pulled off! Both duels went over the maximum number of races. Monnin finally grinded down Max Gurgel’s Hamburg based team by 3:2 whilst Mati Sepp’s team in the other semi final at first stumbled and, being down 0:2, had to start a furious catch-up game. In the end the Top Ten skipper succeeded over his young Autrian opponent. Sepp, 48, threw all his experience in the balance and pushed through with 3:2. 26 years old Max Trippolt said, „Mati is a world class professional helmsman and has so much more experience than we have. We are proud of what we achieved and really look forward to tomorrow’s petite final.“

Grand Final and Petite Final will make Whit Sunday a super racing and spectator day on Lake Constance. The organisers expect the crowds flooding into Langanrgen’s famous Gondola Harbour to watch the duels and find out who is going to win this year’s jubilee edition. Whilst Sepp declared Monnin as top favourite for the final, Monnin said, „I am expecting a balanced duel.“

The public Presse Conference and the prize giving will mark the last highlights of the 20th Match Race Germany. Founder Eberhard Magg said on Sunday evening, „It’s been full house today and we are really happy and also a little bit proud when looking back to 20 years of Match Race Germany history that has been a big part of our lives. It is really rewarding to celebrate the jubilee on a day like this. We are excited to go into tomorrow’s final with some oft he finest skippers and crews international matchracing has to offer. They are the heart beat of our event!“

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