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A journey in time from 1 to 1.000.000

The sails are set: Match Race Germany starts on Wednesday with the Free Training for all twelve teams from nine countries. The first starting gun will be fired on Thursday morning. So let the 21st edition of Germany’s leading monohull match race series begin! Did you know that since its first run 1200 sailing athletes turned Match Race Germany into an internationally well known and respected sport classic? And that, so far helsmen from 10 nations were able to win one or more editions? That Australia is leading the eternal leaderboard of nations, winning Match Race Germany four times? It’s been one of matchracing’s greatest players who earned this top result almost single-handedly: Peter Gilmour dominated Match Race Germany from 2004 till 2006, won three times in a row. Please find many more interesting facts and figures in our brief journey in time…

1.000.000 program booklets have been distributed in cooperation with the daily newspaper and partner Schwäbische Zeitung in 20 editions of Match Race Germany

450.000 visitors have been inspired by Match Race Germany in Langenargen (Lake Constance) and its athletes since the premiere in 1997. Soon it will be half a million!

40.000 liters of water have been consumed by the teams in 21 years of Match Race Germany.

10.000 deep meters have been ocercome during anchor and mark placements by the very same race comittee under leadership of principal race officer Rudi Magg which was already operational in the first edition in 1997. Congrats to Rudi and his team for their endurance, consistancy, hard work and great sense of humor!

7800 inhabitants make Langenargen a great little harbour village at the shores of Lake Constance. During Match Race Germany, on average four times as many people are pouring into the picturesque town and holiday destination. The visitor record had been established in 2012 (40.000 visitors).

1200 sailors have competed in Match Race Germany since its launch back in 1997. That’s including this year’s edition!

600 contracts with partners and sponsors have been signed in 21 years of Match Race Germany. Again, we’ll be proud to present you our most loyal partners and new sponsors for the 2018 Match Race Germany on site. Our Race Village is definitely worth a visit.

105 competition days in 21 years have turned Match Race Germany into an internationally recognized sport classic. The next 105 are about to start!

10 nations and their teams have won Match Race Germany so far: Australia (1998, 2004, 2005, 2006), Denmark (1997, 2002, 2003), Great Britain (2009, 2013, 2014), France (2000, 2008), IItaly (2007, 2011), New Zealand (2010, 2012), Germany (2001), Croatia (2015), Poland (2016) and Switzerland (2017).

4 wins have been claimed by Australians: Neville Wittey prevailed in 1998. Peter Gilmour, who dominated three editions in a row between 2004 and 2006, holds the single record.

3 boat types have shaped Match Race Germany in 21 years: Diamant yachts have been active between1997 and 2002. For the following seven years the teams sailed on Bavaria 35 Match yachts. The current 40-footers are the biggest boats sailed in the Match Race Super League.

2 charismatic leaders are the key figures of Match Race Germany’s long-lived success story: Sports Director Eberhard Magg und Event Director Harald Thierer. The two of them are not only business partners (Match Center Germany) but also very best friends who can rely on their experienced and dynamic team.

1 German winner has managed to conquer the summit of Match Race Germany in the past 20 editions: Helmsman Markus Wieser and his crew won Germany’s Grand Prix in 2001 by beating Germany’s best ever Olympic sailor Jochen Schümann (three times Gold medallist, 2 Americ’s Cup victories) in a mighty and thrilling final by 3:2. Of course we like to add Karol Jablonski’s victory in the 2016 edition of Match Race Germany. The polish helmsman, famous for his aggressive moves and lovely-to-watch powerful sailing style, owns a German passport besides his Polish one and will return to fight for ranking points and purse this year. Want to watch him and his opposition? Come to Langenargen’s famous Gondola Harbour and enjoy the best of Match Race Germany over Pentecost!

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